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Photos of Tour-Through Tree, Klamath   

The Tour Thru Tree has become a standard "must see" for visitors to California's Coastal Redwoods

More than 725 years ago, a redwood tree began to grow outside what was to become the tiny community of Klamath. California. As the tree grew it was scarred by a forest fire and its top was blown off by a mighty storm. Like all redwoods, however, the tree was a survivor and today it stands as a healthy, living monument to its storied past.

In 1976 a tunnel was carved through the tree, carefully avoiding critical areas of living wood. Today you can actually drive through the trunk of this enormous giant now known as the Tour Thru Tree. Photographs of family cars passing through this giant grace thousands of vacation photo albums.

The Tour Thru Tree is located just 2.5 miles north of Kamp Klamath on Route 169.
Take the Terwer Valley/Klamath Glen off-ramp from Highway 101.

Rates are $5.00 per car of three occupants plus $1 per additional occupant over seven years of age. Motorcycles are $3



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