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Pets at Kamp Klamath

Pets are family - We rule!

Kamp Klamath RV Park

and Campground

All you pets are encouraged to bring your people to Kamp Klamath. We ask that you inform us that you have your person(s) with you and that you extend basic courtesies to your fellow Kampers.

Please keep your people on a leash or line at all times while within the camping area. We have 33 acres of perimeter camp, including trails and river banks for free-running your people.

Make sure that you don't disturb others by barking, either while your people are present, or in their absence. Always remind your people to clean up after you (we have baggies in the office). Respect your fellow pets and their people by keeping a safe distance from them.

Pets are family - We rule!

Thank you - Shadow

Shado as a Teenager

This is me as a teenager

Shadow with Decoys

Me before I got all of my ducks in in a row.
Oh, if I could be that age again with what I know now!

Shadow Hunting

Now I am a serious, adult companion to my human.
Here I am hunting pheasant to put on his table so he will put kibble in my bowl
- a symbiotic, win-win relationship!

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Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground

1661 West Klamath Beach Road / P. O. Box 99, Klamath, California 95548

TEL 707.482.0227 / TOLL FREE 1.866.KLAMATH / FAX 707.482.0147

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