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Battery Point Lighthouse
Crescent City

In the Heart of Redwood National Park along "America's Wild Rivers Coast"

Photograph of Battery Point Lighthouse

In the 1850s, lumber was being harvested in Northern California and sent south to build the rapidly growing city of San Francisco. Crescent City Developed as a hub of shipping but many ships loaded with precious lumber were in danger on the rocky coast.

To warn off approaching ships, the Battery Point Lighthouse was first lit up in 1856, long before the Spanish had influence on the architectural design of the region. Hence its Cape Cod design.

The small promontory upon which the lighthouse stands earned its name when Union loyalists positioned cannons there to protect Crescent Harbor from an anticipated Confederate invasion during the Civil War. Since then, the structure has weathered many changes including automation in 1953 and a tidal wave that overtook the peninsula in 1964.

The Good Friday Alaskan earthquake of 1964 created a tsunami wave that wrecked the downtown Crescent City area and swept unsuspecting spectators off the harbor breakwater. During a number of surges,the lighthouse was threatened with destruction but it and its keepers were spared because the wave struck at an extreme, glancing angle. Crescent City was not quite so lucky as 29 city blocks were destroyed.

Photograph of Battery Point Lighthouse sunset.

Accessible only at low-tide, the Battery Point Lighthouse is currently a Maritime Museum and is operated by the Del Norte County Historic Society. The popular structure is built of brick and granite and offers visitors a look at the maritime history of the region and gives great insight to the life of a light keeper. Worn from storms and tidal waves, this 45 foot tower and attached lean-to still function today as an important navigational aid for seaward travelers along the northern Pacific coast.

The lighthouse is reputed to house a resident ghost, seen and witnessed by at least six different people who have heard its sea booted feet slowly climbing the tower steps during storms.

In 1996, the kitchen at the rear of the structure was remodeled and refurbished. When workers removed the floor, they found the long-unused cistern beneath it, still filled with clean, decades-old rainwater that was clear enough to easily see the wooden bottom of the tank.

Tours are available during low tides and include a short stairway climb into the light tower.

The Battery Point Lighthouse is located twenty miles from Kamp Klamath. Directions and tour schedules are available at the Kamp office.

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