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Fun at Kamp Klamath

In the Heart of Redwood National Park along "America's Wild Rivers Coast"

Kamp Klamath RV Park

and Campground

Fun rules at Kamp Klamath!

We offer a wide array of fun things to do in Kamp.
Among the games and diversions available are
Goofy Golf
Double Ladder Ball
Board Games
Nature Trails
Climbing Wall

Horseshoes at Kamp Klamth

Kids need "stuff" to do. Sometimes it's the easy perch fishing [no license required], or the adventure trails. Other times it's collecting driftwood "animals" or smooth moonstones. Always popular is the Fun Set featuring swings, slide, climbing wall, tower and telescope.

Horseshoes at Kamp Klamath

No campground is complete without horseshoe pits. Everybody is in for a tournament to show off their championship accuracy. Bring a beer or soda, "pitch" in or settle down on your camping chair and cheer on your favorite Toss Boss.


Volleyball is for the whole family. Everybody gets a chance to be a star and teamwork wins the day. For those opting for a little less physical exertion, the adjoining badminton court is available.

Goofy Golf

This is Don from Newport Beach, California. He plays at Spyglass Hill for a small fortune and chuckled at our "Goofy Golf" offering...until he played it...and then he and Bess extended their stay at Kamp Klamath.
"I will NOT let this game beat me" he explained. And Beth got the last chuckle.

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Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground
1661 West Klamath Beach Road / P. O. Box 99
Klamath, California 95548

TEL 707.482.0227 / TOLL FREE 1.866.KLAMATH / FAX 707.482.0147