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BBQ, Live Music and Bonfire
Kamp Klamath

"In the Heart of Redwood National Park along America's Wild Rivers Coast"

Kamp Klamath is all about having fun and enjoying life!
Each Saturday night from Memorial Day through Labor Day we celebrate the great American tradition of BBQ with an all-you-can-eat buffet feast, live music and bonfire.

Ron at the BBQ

BBQ Guest Chef Ron serving chicken and fresh salmon. This photograph
appeared in the September 2010 issue of
Motor Home Magazine.

Grilled Salmon    BBQ Plate

Fresh Salmon grilling over mesquite coals & red alder chips.
You select your fillets.
All-you-can-eat buffet.
You are welcome to return for seconds and thirds!




  Stir Fry Veggies              Salmon Fillet

Vegetable Stir-Fry.
We grow most of our vegetables and salads in our own garden. We also offer vegetarian meals.

Moist and flaky Klamath River salmon fillet. How can something so good be so good for you?





       Doug and Starla       Blue Drum

Doug and Starla jam while warming up for their musical gig at the BBQ.
Both write, play and sing.
Often at the BBQ we are treated by our foreign guests to the charm of their traditional instruments.




Doug, Tugboat Willie and George

Boom Base (Tub) player "Tugboat" Willie
is joined by Doug King and Kamp friend George Heath

July 16, 2016 - True North
July 23, 2016 - True North
July 30, 2016 - Nick and Cathy
August 6, 2016 - True North
August 13, 2016 - Nick and Cathy
August 20, 2016 - Three for the Road
August 27 - True North
September 3 - Nick and Cathy
September 10, 2016 - True North
September 17, 2016 - TBA

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Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground
1661 West Klamath Beach Road / P. O. Box 99
Klamath, California 95548

TEL 707.482.0227 / TOLL FREE 1.866.KLAMATH / FAX 707.482.0147

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