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Whale Watching



Among the best places on the Pacific coast to shore watch for whales is right here around Kamp Klamath. Both the Requa Overlook [north of the Klamath River] and the Klamath Estuary Overlook on Coastal Drive [south of the Klamath River, 1.3 miles from Kamp Klamath] offer excellent whale watching opportunities. 
These sites owe their preeminence to the fact that 1] They are elevated [especially Requa Overlook at 612'] so thee whales can actually be seen, not just their water spouts 2] They are easily accessible and offer ample parking; 3] The whales come closer into shore here than at most coastal venues; 4] A number of Gray Whale adults and calves have recently taken up residency off the Del Norte Coast, offering sighting opportunities throughout most of the year.