Kamp Klamath RV Park And Campground
Adventure In The Redwoods

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Photograph of Kamp Klamath Teepee Sign

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Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground


Photograph of Fern Canyon waterfall

Fern Canyon
is among California's scenic gems. Its selection as a Jurassic Park movie location reflects its unique, otherworldly beauty.
  Photograph of a motor home in the "Glen" at Kamp Klamath
      RV Sites
Photograph of Paul Bunyon and Babe at Trees of Mystery Local Attractions
abound around Kamp Klamath:Trees of Mystery; Klamath River Jet Boat; Tour Thru Tree, Redwood Casino and more.
  Photograph of a tent site at Kamp Klamath
      Tent Sites
Photograph of the "Big Tree" at Prairie Creek Redwood State Park Redwoods
The Redwood National Park surrounds Kamp Klamath. Enjoy awesome giant redwoods on foot, aboard your bicycle or in the comfort of your car.
      Facilities and Services
Photograph of the "Lost Rocks" bouldering site from Coastal Drive Auto Trips and Trails
are a popular means of exploring forests, rivers and beaches surrounding Kamp Klamath.
We have free maps and guides!
  Photograph of Klamath Beach and the Klamath River estuary.
      Klamath River
Photograph of the Forest Cafe Dining Sign in Klamath Dining
opportunities in Klamath range from the best cheeseburger in the Redwoods to barbecued fresh Chinook Salmon A La Kamp Klamath.
  Photograph of Doug and Starr rehearsing music
      Salmon/Chicken BBQ
Photograph of a Roosevelt Elk bull in a meadow Wild Life
is diversified and abundant in and around Kamp Klamath. Make sure your camera is ready.
  Photograph of the horseshoe pit at Kamp Klamath
      Fun at Kamp Klamath
Photograph of Aaron with two Chinook "King" Salmon at Kamp Klamath Fishing
for salmon at and around Kamp Klamath is world famous. Other catches include steel-head, trout, sturgeon and red tailed perch.
  Photograph of Shadow with her ducks
Photograph ofPeregrine Falcon Birding
in and around Kamp Klamath is a passion for many. Over four hundred species have been identified within 20 miles of Kamp.
  Photograph of Wilson Beach from Highway 101
Photograph of a Fox Glove Wildflower Native Plants
are unique at Kamp Klamath. Wild flowers, edibles, medicinals, mushrooms, mosses, ferns and many more forms await discovery.
Graphic of an event calendar Events
along America's Wild Rivers Coast offer something for everybody, and then some. This calendar can help you time your visit.


Kamp Klamath RV Park and Campground
1661 West Klamath Beach Road / P. O. Box 99
Klamath, California 95548

TEL 707.482.0227 / TOLL FREE 1.866.KLAMATH
FAX 707.482.0147

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